Focus with Cannabidiol

Why Can’t I Concentrate?


From full-on disorders to unavoidable distractions, there can be many reasons why you find yourself unable to focus on things important to you. Whether it’s your job or tasks at home, your ability to focus can have a massive impact on your quality of life.

"CBD calms down your mind, so there isn’t so much static while you are trying to think"


Lack of sleep?


CBD can also reduce insomnia & if you can’t sleep because of pain. CBD protects neurotransmitters that regulate pain, and even increase the levels to prevent chronic aches. 

Not getting enough sleep lowers your cognitive levels. With poor cognitive function, you are slower and will find it harder to process things. Cortisol levels are also affected. Cortisol is a compound that is released by the body in order to react to a stressful situation a build up of this chemical within the body can make it very hard to concentrate.


How can CBD Help?


Luckily CBD can help clear the body of cortisol and work with the body and brain to regain focus. Ongoing research into taking CBD for focus has shown more serotonin can flow into your brain which can improve concentration and allow you to stay focused as well as getting a good nights rest.

If your looking into improving your focus and concentration quickly we recommend starting with a Oil, Tincture or Vape as these enter your blood stream quicker, bypassing the digestive system and metabolism in the liver entirely. Since no enzymes break the CBD molecules down and it does not travel through the stomach, CBD is able to reach the bloodstream faster.  

Start low and go slow.. This will be your motto as you find your optimal CBD dose